Quantify the Short-Term Benefits

First Iteration


There are two and one half considerations to take into account when making rough estimates of results.


    1)  What percentage of the companies on the calling list are qualified?  If at least one out of every four would make a profitable customer, it's a superior list.  Then, with 40-80 contacts, we'd talk to 10-20 qualifieds per week.


    2)  How painful are the problems you solve?  If the respondents are feeling a lot of pain, we generate more leads; if just an itch, we generate fewer leads.  Moderate pain normally produces leads 30-50% of the time.  So with our minimum contract, you would get 30-50% of 10-20 qualifieds resulting in 3-10 leads* per week. 


    2 1/2)  One final consideration is how much does your target customer have to change operations to implement your solution?  Very large changes reduce the number of leads.  Normally, this isn't a factor.


So, for example, if you have a superior list of 4,000 companies and have no abnormal change in operations to implement your solution, then we would expect to take 400-800 hours to find the 1,000 qualified companies and generate 300-500 leads on the first pass. 


Besides generated leads each week, we also provide reports on a bi-weekly basis. 


*This discussion is for illuminative purposes only and is not to be construed as a guarantee or warranty of results.