Quantify Medium-Term Benefits

Multiple Iterations


After the first pass, the qualified businesses have been separated from the pack.  That's the key cost cutter since you don't have to spend any more money on the unqualified group.  If your list contains 75% "not-qualifieds", your costs are cut 75%, allowing a dramatic and affordable increase in the personal interaction with businesses you want for customers.


So, talking to 5-10 decision makers per hour on the second iteration would cycle through the 1,000 qualifieds every 100-200 hours rather than the original 400-800 hours.


This repetition reinforces your market image.  Another goal of each call is to improve your database by promoting the qualifieds to pre-leads; the pre-leads to leads; and the non-appointment leads to appointments.


We also recommend you divide the qualifieds into the top 20% (the 80/20 "A Group"); the next 40% (the "B Group"); and the rest (the "C Group").  Then we call the "A Group" monthly, the "B Group" quarterly, and the "C Group" as we have time.  This grouping allows you to spend the most resources where the potential return is highest.


The frequency of calling needs to be adjusted according to how the businesses are responding, the sales cycle, and the service life of the products being promoted.


Quarterly reports are generated to supplement a quarterly review at the end of each 13 week contract. 


If this general discussion is not detailed enough, feel free to contact us for further information.