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We are a database marketing company, incorporated in 1993.  We have worked for both capital equipment and supply companies whose offerings include software, electronics, factory tools, training systems, engineering, printing, custom fabricated items and many other products and services. 

About Our Founder

Jim Haemer founded Sales Builders, Inc. in 1993.  His professional background includes experience in all aspects of leadership and management for companies operating in the business-to-business environment.  This experience gives him the insight and skills needed to ask relevant questions and build custom sales presentations that are hard-hitting and to the point.  His academic credentials complement this business experience, giving him the theoretical grounding for building effective marketing databases.

  1. General Business Management
  2. Marketing and Sales Management
  3. Product Management and Market Research
  4. Financial Management
  5. Engineering
  6. Education

General Business Management

Prior to Sales Builders, Jim was Vice President and General Manager for Acorn Equipment Corporation, a farm equipment manufacturer.  He was the leader of a four-person management team and guided Acorn through difficult times, improving their bottom line annually.  He did this by increasing market shares and strengthening the company's organization.

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Marketing and Sales Management

Jim initially joined Acorn as Marketing Manager.  He continued to lead the marketing function after being promoted to VP.  His primary marketing responsibility was writing and executing Acorn's sales and marketing plan.  He also was responsible for short and long term forecasts and turning those forecasts into sales through an independent rep organization.

Acorn worked through a network of domestic and international dealers.  Jim achieved market share increases every year.  He did this by more effectively training dealers, improving promotion programs, and reducing dealer turnover.  He also expanded Acorn's geographic reach by signing and motivating new dealers and more aggressively promoting the product line through more targeted advertising and trade shows in the eastern part of the United States and Canada.

Before Acorn, Jim worked for Dynamic Industries, a manufacturer of small front-end loaders and lift trucks.  He started as National Sales Manager and was promoted three times with increasing responsibilities to VP-Marketing.  Sales increased from $4.5 million to $11.5 million during his three years there.

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Product Management and Market Research

Before Dynamic Industries, Jim was Market Planning Manager for Badger Northland Inc., another farm equipment manufacturer.  He successfully introduced several new products and reoriented the company-wide promotion message.  His marketing background also includes work as Corporate Assistant for Market Research at Rexnord, a manufacturer of engineered components.

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Financial Management

After three years at Acorn, the duties of Chief Financial Officer were added to his marketing responsibilities.  Jim made the financial control system workable and continuously negotiated more favorable debt repayment terms with Acorn's bank.  These two things were as important for keeping Acorn operating as the increases in market share. 

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Jim's first job out of college was Design Engineer for Meyer Industries, a manufacturer of power line transmission poles.

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Jim holds a B.Math and an MBA, both from the University of Minnesota.

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