Calling Lists

A list is a group of companies that you want to contact.  We can buy a list or use yours.  If you provide a list in a .CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet, it will go right into our system and there are no charges.  If your list is sitting on bits of paper or written-out sheets, then somebody has to get it into an electronic format.  If you want us to do it, there is a charge.  Our telemarketers only work in electronic formats. 


If you buy the list from us, we acquire it by SIC codes, company size (either sales volume or number of employees), and geography.  Geography can be a variety of things including counties, cities, zip codes...lots of stuff.  We buy all of our lists in electronic format. 


There are so many options on business to business calling lists that we can't do it justice without a detailed one-on-one teleconference.  Contact us with questions.